The Little Einsteins Dragon Tales Power Hour: The Tale of The Not-So-Nice Troll are the franchises finale of The Little Einsteins and Dragon Tales in the fiveth season.

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Leo, Annie, June Quincy, and Rocket are off to a tea party at dragon land, but they get there to find dragon land attacked by a mean red troll. Emmy, Max, Ord Cassie, Zak Wheezie, Enrique, June and Leo are captured when they try to tame her and now it's up to Annie, Quincy and Rocket to rescue them from the red troll's hamster cage. Can they free the two The Little Einsteins, other children and dragons, and maybe tame the red troll as well?


Leo, Annie, June Quincy, and Rocket are sitting a on the picnic table. June bakes mini-muffins (small muffins). They went on a trip to dragon land.

The Little Einsteins hear a shriek coming from dragon land. Emmy, Max and Enrique runs screaming out and runs into a bush. June asking about why they are running. Emmy explains that a mean, destructive red troll is chasing them. Quincy thinks that Pooky is a different troll (introduced in a previous episode) and greets himself. Emmy jumps and covers Quincy's mouth with his hand and tells him that the troll is certainly not Pooky he thought she was.

Max explains to the Little Einsteins that the only way to tame a not-so-nice dragon is to pull its tail and count to ten. Annie asks Emmy who will do it, and Emmy answers the question by introducing their dragon friends, Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie. the four dragons distract the red troll, but end up falling in the river that leads you to the Towering Troll Village. Emmy commands the troll to stop, but the troll picks up the nine royal beings and carries them to Towering Troll Village.

Quincy, Annie and Rocket realize that they are the only ones who can save the nine and explain what they can and can't to while singing We're Not Like Leo. Annie has an idea after the song is done: to get Pooky (a nice troll introduced in a previous episode), Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, to help them save Emmy and her friends.