I'm Now Gonna Do Little Einsteins Season 3 Opening With Annie's Bro Leo From 2005 With Episode #68 The Legend Of Circus World In A Little Einsteins Episode Selection featuring The Thanksgiving Rush as #69 Which Had Been Appeared With the other 5 Little Einsteins Episodes Such as The Tooth Hurts, The team goes 2 the Doctor, Annie, & The Giant Wave, & Leo's New Baby, & other 3 More Like Animal Alphabet Narrated By Tom McComas, Numbers Adventure Narrated By Joseph Stachler, & Quincy, & Annie's Colors, & Shapes Trip Narrated by Mattie Christophery Waltonie , & His Pal Jeffrey McComas With Quincy the 5 Year old Instrument Player Welcoming You Back 4 Asking What Little Einsteins Episode Would You Like 2 Select Next.