Thomas The Tank Engine Looked At Broken Rocks in Fire Truck Rocket!  & Bertie The Red Bus Looked over 2. 

Thomas Said Oh My Big Rocks into Little Pieces By Dynamite After The Warning Siren Blows When The Voice Said Clear The Area Every one Out Take Cover. 5-4-3-2-1! Blast Away! As They Got Blasted into Little Rock Pieces, & Loaded into James's Freightcars 2 The Smelters Where They Can Make a Cannonball Truck, & The Ferris Wheel in Rainbow Colors (The 1st Variation With 36 Red/Orange Seats All Loaded up 4 The Greatest Show On Earth as Calliope Plays a Song)  as Big Jet Puts Water onto The Lava More & More Until The Island of Java Got Destroyed as Gordon The Big Blue Engine Came Along in Order 2 Make This The Greatest Circus Rescue Trains That The Little Einsteins Had Ever Seen Indeed.