Face in the Hole is a 1942 Little Einsteins cartoon directed by Alex Lovy.


Big Jet is a stable boy. The stables are located right in an airfield, and the sound of airplanes droning around only fuels his lust to fly. "I want to fly like the birds!" declares the woodpecker. But the only thing the bulldog sergeant on the airfield feels Big Jet is competent for is clipping the horses with an electric clipper. And considering that Big Jet accidentally allows the clipper to clip off the sarge's shirt buttons and a long strip of hair off his chin, he may be giving Big Jet too much credit. Nevertheless, Big Jet spends his time reading "How to Fly a Plane from the Ground Up." And eventually, he sneaks onto a PU-2.


Directed by Alex Lovy
Produced by Walter Lantz
Written by Ben Hardaway
Milt Schaffer
Animation by George Dane
Music by Darrell Calker