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Big Jet
Big Jet


Big Jet


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Big Jet is the main antagonist, rival or villain of the Little Einsteins, Big Jet always seem to either steal or sabotage anything around him in order to prevent Rocket and the Einsteins from completing their goals. Big Jet has ripped Annie's music paper from Annie get your Microphone as an act to sabotage, used a weather machine to make different seasons in Oh yes, Oh yes, It's Springtime, in The Great Sky Race Rematch, Big Jet broke Rocket's flying button, preventing him from flying, stolen the animal's snacks in Animal Snack Time.


Big Jet is blue with black back fins, black visors, black nose cone and a bit of yellow lines on his body and wings. Big Jet appears to be modeled mostly after a Russian SU-27 Sukhoi Flanker.

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